Sain uu (Hello)! My name is Danzanbazar. I’m 13 years old and from Ulaanbaatar (Mongolia). I love art and science, and also video games… Well, who doesn’t!

Favourite places?

I love to visit hotels and be able to admire the decor and architecture.

Long term goals?

Too much fun exploring life.. I just can’t decide yet!

Role model?

I am much inspired by Bob Ross from The Joy of Painting. His arts, talent and personality just moved me.

Yum local foods?

Stir fried noodles Mongolian style! Rice noodles deliciously stir fried in light Hoisin and soy sauce, sesame oil, cornstarch and a dash brown sugar. Definitely a local dish you must taste!

Dream city?

I would love to visit the **USA** someday. It has many interesting cities, so it’s gonna be hard to choose where to start.

Must know phrases?

**Sain uu** which means “Hello!” **Bayarlalaa** which means “Thank you.” **Mongol kheleer yaridaggüi** which means “I don’t speak Mongolian.” **Uuchlaarai** which means “Sorry.”