Cool Kids


Kuzuzangpo la (hello).. I am Emma. I am 16 years old and have lived in Thimphu (Bhutan). I enjoy reading, music and photography in my free time. I also love animals of all kinds and trying to keep my plants alive.

Favourite places?

I really like Junction bookstore. The owner, Mui, takes care of the street dogs in the area and helps many local businesses sell products at her store.

Long term goals?

I am not sure yet, but it will likely involve animals or the environment.

Yum local foods?

I like cheese momos which are vegetarian dumplings with a local cheese that taste a little like cheddar. There are many variations to the momo, and they are typically eaten with a chilli sauce.

Dream city?

I would love to visit **England** and visit the college my parents went to!

Must know phrases?

**Kuzuzangpo la** which is a polite “Hello” **Kadrinchey la** which is a polite “Thank you” **Dzongkha mishay** which means “I don't speak Dzongkha”

Role model?

Not anyone, in particular, more certain moments in time. For example, reading about the environment has encouraged me to try to pursue a lower waste lifestyle, and hearing about animal testing has inspired me to only buy products that are not tested on animals. I am very blessed to have a family that supports and encourages these choices.