Cool Kids


Hi! I am Rayan. I live in Dubai (United Arab Emirates). I am 11 years old and I love drawing graffiti on T-shirts. I also love basketball.

Favourite places?

Kite Beach Jumeirah Beach Residences Dubai Mall Mall of the Emirates Global Village

Long term goals?

I love graffiti arts, so I would like to be professional graffiti artist when I grow up.

Role model?

There are a lot graffiti artist Youtubers that have inspired me. They are so awesome and I learn a lot from them.

Yum local foods?

I love delicacies from around the world like calamari, burgers, chicken curry, chicken wings, and pizza. But for Middle Eastern dish: **Shawarma** (roasted meat) is definitely my favorite.

Dream city?

I look forward to visiting **Bali**, **Sri Lanka**, and **Hawaii** with my family.

Must know phrases?

**Assalaam-alaikum**: “Peace be upon you.” It’s a common greeting, just like saying Hello. **Shukran**: “Thank You.” **Eid Mubarak**: Literally means “blessed feast,” but used to mean “happy holiday”