Cool Kids


Hi, my name is Stella. I live in Berlin (Germany). I’m a 9 year old girl who loves dance.

Long term goals?

I really want to be a teacher, especially for dance. Hip-hop and freestyle are my favorite dances.

Role model?

My mom inspires me because she has to work a lot but when she’s with with me and my dad we get to play a lot together.

Yum local foods?

Schnitzel. This is a yummy breaded veal or pork dish.

Dream city?

Sri Lanka! We're going to both the beach and the jungle!

Must know phrases?

Hallo! This means hello! Ja! That means yes. And Nein -- that means No. Danke schoen -- Thank you. Bitte schoen -- you’re welcome. Wo finden wir Eis? (Where do I find ice cream.) Eine Apfelschorle, bitte. (Fizzy apple juice, please.)

Favourite places?

Tempelhofer Feld - It was the first airport in Berlin and is still in the middle of the city. Now it’s a huge park for rollerblading, biking, BBQ and circuses. Berlin Wall - It was built in 1961 and torn down in 1989. It divided the city into East and West. Checkpoint Charlie - It has lots of historical facts about the Berlin Wall. Gleisdreieck Park - There are lots of playgrounds and picnic spots and a skate park. Ice cream! Germans eat more ice cream than any other country. My favorite place is Vanille Marille. Krumme Lanke - A great place for swimming in the summer which has a little Biergarten for parents and hot chocolate for kids.