Cool Kids


Hi, my name is Alexei. I live in San Francisco (USA). I love reading and drawing, and chemistry above all! I have a cat and parrots from Costa Rica.

Must know phrases?

Fog No English! Where’s the bus?

Favourite places?

My school: the ALT School. Especially the garden in the back for meditation. I don’t meditate but I read books. I’d classify that as meditation. Palace of Fine Arts. Academy of Sciences.

Long term goals?

I would love to be an environmentalist. Even if I make no salary, I want to be an environmental protection agent. There is so much damage we have been doing to the planet that God has given us that we have to do something about it.

Role model?

John Muir. He really cared about the environment and they named a national park after him. My mom too really inspires me. She works for a business that makes the world better. And my father works for a company that does a lot of good things for the environment. I helped make our house more energy efficient. We made the walls thicker.

Yum local foods?

I am not strictly vegetarian, but I try to be. I like cabbage and carrots. But I do like Bratwurst too!

Dream city?

I’d love to travel to Germany where my grandfather lived and see all the history. That would be emotional. But for fun I’d go to Kitzbuhel in Austria for skiing. It’s beautiful in the summer and winter, either green or white.