Cecily Reed

Hi! I’m Cecily and I am from Washington, DC (USA). I am 11 years old and I love reading and chatting with friends. I also like organizing and redecorating my room.

Favourite places?

The Postal Museum is amazing. The Freer-Sackler Museum has really cool exhibits (such as Empresses of China). DC has some amazing parks. My favorites are Rock Creek in Georgetown and the nearby Dumbarton Oaks.

Long term goals?

I want to be an architect.

Role model?

Ruth Bader Ginsburg inspires me because she always fights for what she believes in.

Yum local foods?

I really like that the US has many diverse foods, so I love sushi & tacos. I also love empanadas.

Dream city?

I really want to go to China & Mexico.

Must know phrases?

“I didn’t vote for Donald Trump!” “Like me on Facebook!” “Which iPhone do you have?”