Oliver Bradford

Hello! My name is Oliver and I am from New York City (USA). I am 12 years old and I love to practice soccer, basketball, parkour, and swimming. Sports are so important to me that, if I could, I would spend all day, every day playing sports. I enjoy trying new sports like judo, fencing, and more. Another thing I like to do is to play video games and read books, and I am also a big fan of music.

Yum local foods?

There are not many traditional foods from New York because every culture is mixed in New York. The food is a beautiful thing because when you come to New York, you don't just have sushi or burritos, you have sushi burritos. New York pizza is a very common thing to enjoy. For the most authentic experience, try pizza from tiny shops that sell pizza by the slice.

Dream city?

I want to visit Rwanda to understand Africa better and spend time in the jungle there.

Must know phrases?

"HOOOOOONK!" That means get out of my way. New York is a busy place and people don't have time to wait for you to cross the street slowly. "Which train goes uptown and which downtown?" This helps naviagte the complex subway system. If you know which one goes up or down, you can speed through New York. If you don't, good luck. "Where is the Starbucks?" Everybody knows the four things in life that are necessary for survival are food, shelter, water, and coffee. New Yorkers run on coffee and the best place to get coffee is to go to Starbucks. Most important for kids are the Frappuccinos.

Favourite places?

The view of the city from the Empire State Building is stunning. It really makes you feel like a bird soaring through the sky. You can even see my house from there! You should go check out the flashing lights of Times Square. It has shops, restaurants, lights, and even more lights. Did I also mention it has lights? You can get lost in the beauty of the city's finest area. You should also check out Dave and Busters, an arcade hall with so many games, drinks, and prizes. Central Park is the largest park in Manhattan. From the zoos, gardens, and museums to the ice skating rinks, sports fields, and playgrounds, there is something for everyone.

Long term goals?

After college, I want to be a Navy SEAL in the U.S. military, the toughest soldiers in the world that protect us from people that want to cause harm to others. After that, I want to make the world a better place by becoming a doctor, change maker, or something else that helps others.

Role model?

My father inspires me throughout my life. His determination, passion, love for his children, and his work to make this earth a better place. He has always inspired me to become a man to change the world just like him. My mother inspires me in her powerful determination, striving at putting inspiration into my heart. Her love for athleticism has made me want to grow up to become strong and fast. She has an adventurous spirit and will go anywhere in the world.