Leyla Mira Batu

Hi.. I am Leyla. I live in Istanbul (Turkey). I am 6 years old and I love books, travel, and skiing. I also love playing tennis and golf.

Favourite places?

Ortaköy for the beautiful seaside location with street vendors and small restaurants. Kemer Country as they have this amazing golf course. Sultanahmet which is a historical part of the city with palaces, mosques, churches and an underground cistern

Long term goals?

When I grow up, I want to be a scientist and a veterinarian.

Yum local foods?

I love meatballs, börek (a delicious filo pastry), açma (a Turkish savory pastry), and simit (mouthwatering Turkish savory pastry that has sesame seeds available at street vendors).

Dream city?

I look forward to visiting Beirut. My mom just went there, and I love the beautiful scenery of my mom’s photos.

Must know phrases?

Merhaba: “Hi” Teşekkürler: “Thank You” Evet: “Yes”

Role model?

I have a few inspirations. They are my school teacher who taught me to read and write so I can continue to learn on my own. Then, my mom, who I really want to work with together with her at her school in the future. And then my cousin Lara, who inspiringly really loves animals.