Cool Kids


Hi, my name is Sasha. I live in Islamabad (Pakistan). I’m a 10 year old girl who loves making things, horse riding, reading and 3D printing.

Favourite places?

Trail 5 - That's a trail on the Margalla Hills and there's lot of water when it rains. Hunza - Near Islamabad, a hiking area with beautiful green fields and lots of trees.

Long term goals?

I want to be an inventor and maker. And I also want to be a chemist because I love chemistry.

Must know phrases?

InshaAllah - which means God Willing. MashaAllah - which means God has willed. Shukriya - which is thank you. Nahin - which means No. Chacha - which means Uncle and you call every older person Chacha. Like the Bazaar guy is Chacha so everyone is your Uncle in Pakistan.

Role model?

I get inspired by many people and books. Right now, I am inspired by the book The Golden Compass and I'm making a copy of the Alethiometer, which is in the book. I am also inspired by Lyra because she is brave and also I like the demons, don’t you? I also love Series of Unfortunate Events and I'm inspired by the inventor Violet.

Yum local foods?

Aloo ki bhujia (potatoes cut into slices with garlic, chilli and cumin and water to make the gravy so that the potatoes don't get dry). I also love hot crispy jalebi (squidgy tubes of deep fried flour batter soaked in hot sugar syrup).

Dream city?